Man-O-Pause: Is There Male Menopause?

Male Menopause

Two men over 40 are having lunch. One says: “I’ve been feeling out of sorts lately. Unsatisfied. Women in their thirties are looking real good to me. And the other day I found myself pricing sports cars. You think this is male menopause?”

“I don’t know,” his friend replies, “but if that’s male menopause, I’ve had it since I was 12.”

Controversy rages over the issue of middle-age menopause-like changes in men—and the use of testosterone replacement to treat them. Everyone agrees that men do not experience anything as dramatic as menopause in women. They don’t experience hot flashes, and never lose the ability to father children. But men experience some changes in middle age that some physicians call man-o-pause, andropause, or male menopause. Many of these physicians advocate treating the condition with testosterone.

Man-O-Pause: Is There Male Menopause?

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The Case For Male Menopause
The Case Against
Testosterone Replacement: No Panacea, Has Risks

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