Men and Menopause - Helping Women Through the Transition

Helping Her Through Menopause

Menopause is not an illness, not a disease. It’s a life passage—a perfectly natural passage. It might be easy for the woman in your life. Or it might be difficult for her—and for you. The challenges of menopause vary from woman to woman. But if you would you like it to be as easy as possible for both of you, become better informed about menopause so you know what to expect and how to help.

Men and Menopause – Helping Women Through the Transition

In this article:

A Recent Phenomenon
A Normal Life Passage
The Top Three Discomforts
Dealing With Hot Flashes
Dealing With Vaginal Dryness
Dealing With Emotional Upsets
Dealing With Changes in Sexual Interest
And More...

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