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All About Oral Sex… And More

Oral sex is ubiquitous in pornography—especially fellatio. Porn actors—both men and women—can’t get enough of giving head, and receiving it. As a result, pornography has introduced many people to oral sex, shown them the basics of performing it, and helped make oral sex not only culturally acceptable, but also something many people assume is a routine element in partner sex.  But it isn’t. If you’d rather not give or receive oral, you don’t have to. This may cause relationship conflict, but no one should feel coerced into oral play.  On the other hand, some people feel uncomfortable about oral sex, or avoid it, not because they find it objectionable, but rather because they’re uncertain if they’re doing it properly.

Oral Sex Enhancement

In this article:

Cunnilingus: When Women Receive Oral
• Hygiene issues
• The basics for men
• The fine points
• Female ejaculation

Fellatio: When Men Receive Oral
• Hygiene issues
• The basics for women
• The fine points
• Deep Throating and Gagging
• Ejaculating into her mouth?
• How to improve the taste of semen

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