I am 80 wife is 75. I can’t maintain an erection, but can still ejaculate. I would like to give my wife sexual pleasure. How can I best have sex at 80?

I would like my wife to completely shave her pussy, but she
says she gets razor burn, and is afraid that she will cut herself. Are there other methods besides razors?

How can I make my vagina tight again? I’m 54 and my new lover is 46. He says my vagina is too loose. He’s ok with that, but I’m not. Is there anything I can do to make it tighter?

Everybody talks about desensitzing the penis when it comes to premature ejaculation. My problem is that I don’t think about how good it feels, but looking at my wife makes me ejaculate quicker. Such as looking at her breasts shake or her face tense up. Doggie style is the worst because I see her breasts dangling and within an instant I get to the point of no return and I ejaculate. I can’t find any information about about the visualizing just the sensitivity. I feel that I should close my eyes and think about something completely different. Although alcohol is not a good prescription, it definitely does help. I am just over forty and my premature ejaculation is worse now than when I was in my 20’s.

My 72-year-young husband is almost completely recovered from nerve-sparing prostate surgery . . .he can get a relatively-firm, penetrating erection with manual &/or oral stimulation; and he can get a firmer erection with cialis. BUT he says that he does not achieve an intense orgasm as he did before surgery. He says it’s pleasant, stimulating; but not the same, not as intense. We are doing every creative, patient thing we can think of . . . but we’d like him to get that intense “reward,” so he will continue to want to engage in lovemaking. Hoping for some insight. . . Brady

When things were still good with my ex-husband, he always complimented my oral skills. I never really gave him deep throat, though, because he never asked and he always liked how I gave head. Now my current boyfriend is really into being deep throated and when I do it, I gag. How can I deep throat him without gagging?

I’m 40. Not too many years ago, I used to be able to come and then get a second erection in an hour or two. Now it takes more time, like three or four hours, sometimes longer. Is this normal? What’s happening to me?

My husband and I really enjoy oral sex. I’m okay with him coming in my mouth, but I’m phobic about cum swallowing, which upsets him. I want to please him, but I just can’t seem to swallow. Is there some advice you can give me to get past this?

My husband and I have been married for 27 years. We have a pretty good sex life (once or twice a week), but here is my problem. My husband likes to masturbate while watching pornography. Then afterwards, he is not interested in sex with me for a couple of days, as if he prefers porn to me. If I had my way, I’d have sex every other day. I feel I’m competing with videos on the Internet and frequently losing. I’ve mentioned this to my husband but nothing has changed. What do you suggest? Am I wrong to want him to “save” his sexual feelings for me?

Sir: I am suffering form premature ejaculation. My erection is ok. It erects within 2 to 4 seconds if I am thinking about some sexual thing. But if I masturbate or do sex, I ejaculate within 3 to 4 seconds. Please help me out. Tell me some exercises and about what I should eat especially in fruits and food that help me to cure my problem. My age is 25. I want to avoid medicine and I have not taken any checkup for this. Hope you can help me. Thank you.