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Take control over your body. Last longer. No drugs. No devices. Money back guarantee. The best, most cost-effective treatment for the large majority of PE sufferers is the sex therapy program developed during the 1960s…

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Sir: I am suffering form premature ejaculation. My erection is ok. It erects within 2 to 4 seconds if I am thinking about some sexual thing. But if I masturbate or do sex, I ejaculate…

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I have premature ejaculation problem… when my sex organ just starts getting fully hard, spontaneously after 30-60 seconds of penetration, ejaculation happens. How can I recover from this problem?

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How do I overcome premature ejaculation, a situation whereby I reach orgasm and ejaculate sometimes within one minute or two minutes of penetration, thereby leaving my partner not satisfied?

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The first time I masturbated, I used my mind to fantasize about sex, and I came in about a minute and a half. I ordered the ejaculation guru book to self-help this problem. Will the…

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Hello Michael, I appreciate your time and answer in advance. I have premature ejaculation. To cure it, I started using the start-stop and squeeze techniques, both for about 2 months. I have two issues: 1)When…

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I have used a phone app to track my premature ejaculation progress using stop-start masturbation and I have managed to last up to 10 minutes. However, when I occasionally watch porn or I am having…

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I’ve been working on your technique for curing PE, and have had success lasting as long as want—but only if I take things kind of slow. My wife starts to physically respond with great pleasure…

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Hi sir, I am a 20-year-old male. I ejaculate in 30 to 45 seconds during masturbation. Is this premature ejaculation or not??? Please answer my question. God bless you.