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Premature ejaculation is killing my sex life. Actually it’s almost non existent because of PE. At thirteen I lost my virginity without any sign of PE, then at 16 I had sex again and PE…

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Hi. Whenever my wife starts to make noise during sex, it triggers my ejaculation. Last night, we were having sex and everything was find until she starting making moaning noises—boom, I came. I ejaculate regularly…

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I am a happily married 65-year-old male. The past couple of years I have been ejaculating uncontrollably in about 2 -3 minutes. I also have ED occasionally. I have a very understanding wife and find…

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I read your article on premature ejaculation, and I gotta hand it to you, Mike, it worked. I’ve come fast for 20 years, and after only 3 months of your program, I’m cured! I can…

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Hi, premature ejaculation is the biggest problem which is actually preventing me from having sex. I literally orgasm in 30 seconds. I really want to learn how to control my ejaculation. I really need help!!!

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No. Cock rings may help maintain an erection, but they don’t help men with ejaculatory control. The arteries that carry blood into the penis and fuel erection run through the center of the organ. Compressing…

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Hello, I need some advice. I’m having a problem with accepting that I have a small penis which causes me to ejaculate fast and I don’t even enjoy sex like I use to. My partner…