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I am a happily married 65-year-old male. The past couple of years I have been ejaculating uncontrollably in about 2 -3 minutes. I also have ED occasionally. I have a very understanding wife and find…

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Before I started to sleeping with my new partner, I went over a year without sex, and before that didn’t have regular sex for around 5 years. I’ve never been a one night stand person…

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Hello sir. I married 2 months ago. I’m facing a problem of ejaculation. Consulted many doctors, used many medicines but problem is the same. Sir, I m very upset and looking for someone who can…

Talking Dirty: The Origins of Sexual Obscenities

I’m not sure if I have a problem or a fetish. I am a 45-year-old man and married for nearly 20 years. I’m a life long sufferer of PE and tried various things to try…

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I was concerned whether you would recommend taking drugs such as priligy before sex to control PE, is it safe and whether I should really take its help.

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Aging is Not The End of Sex

The conventional wisdom is that for both men and women, sexuality is like men’s hair. With age, it recedes and eventually disappears. The conventional wisdom contains a germ of truth. Aging brings sexual changes, frequently…

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I am 24 yrs of age and I have PE problem because I  watch too much porn. I am very worried about it. I need to get cured before getting into any relationship. Help!

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My husband ejaculates before he enters the vagina. We are in our mid-twenties. It’s so frustrating because he leaves me sexually excited but frustrated. What can we do about it? I really love him!