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sad middle aged man

Hi, premature ejaculation is the biggest problem which is actually preventing me from having sex. I literally orgasm in 30 seconds. I really want to learn how to control my ejaculation. I really need help!!!

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I read your article on premature ejaculation, and I gotta hand it to you, Mike, it worked. I’ve come fast for 20 years, and after only 3 months of your program, I’m cured! I can…

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couple hot and heavy in bed

No. Cock rings may help maintain an erection, but they don’t help men with ejaculatory control. The arteries that carry blood into the penis and fuel erection run through the center of the organ. Compressing…

worried young man

Before I started to sleeping with my new partner, I went over a year without sex, and before that didn’t have regular sex for around 5 years. I’ve never been a one night stand person…

Exhausted young Afro American male entrepreneur sitting with eyes closed and with hands on his head

Hello sir. I married 2 months ago. I’m facing a problem of ejaculation. Consulted many doctors, used many medicines but problem is the same. Sir, I m very upset and looking for someone who can…

Worried Young Chinese Man Sitting At Desk Using Laptop At Home

I was concerned whether you would recommend taking drugs such as priligy before sex to control PE, is it safe and whether I should really take its help.

Talking Dirty: The Origins of Sexual Obscenities

I’m not sure if I have a problem or a fetish. I am a 45-year-old man and married for nearly 20 years. I’m a life long sufferer of PE and tried various things to try…