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worried young man

I am 25 years old and have sex problems. I started masturbating at 16 and continue to do it. I am unable to control my sexual thoughts, and often go to masturbation. I also have…

unhappy young man

I love sex with my wife but every time we have sex I cum way too fast and it’s over. Help!

couple in bed having problems and crisis

My husband doesn’t believe in foreplay, which I want and need. I got married less than a year ago to a man I have been with for 3 years. My husband no longer seems to…

Close up of creative man working at night office

For the past  few years, I’m worried about my erection. I don’t get that hard and I come too quickly, within one minute of masturbating. And I don’t get morning erections, Could this  be due…

Confused man with papers at home

I’m a 42-year-old man with a long fat dick. I’m not married. Recently, I’ve notice that my sexual performance has dropped. I don’t last long as I used to and my erection is not as…

young Indian man with a sad expression

I really need your help. Please tell me is their a cure for premature ejaculation? And if so can u help me asap cause it is destroying my life. Please help!

Young couple sitting on bed

I’m having sex problems with my fiancee and our sex life. I have tried to talk to her about trying new things in the bedroom but she always wants the same positions every time and…

unhappy male teen in hoodie

I am 18 years old but am already feeling the effects of premature ejaculation. I broke up with my girlfriend partly because she was unsatisfied with my performance. I believe it is attributed to both…

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Young man watching porn in bed on laptop

Marie Silva and her husband, Jack, both act in pornographic videos. Marie has made a modest name for herself, appearing in two dozen productions, among them: Sex Across America 5, Anal Addicts 2, and Nasty…