Man in bed solo

I am a completely straight guy. But I get very excited performing solo anal. I’m not sexually interested in men at all. Is anal play gay? Or is it alright for a straight guy to have anal by myself? And if it’s alright.. Then can you give me some tips to make my solo anal sex more playful. I cannot buy  sex toys bcoz of family. So, what can I use to instert in my ass?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    You’re not alone. Many 100% straight men enjoy receiving anal fingering or other insertions.

    Sexual preference is all about who you fantasize undressing, not about what you do once undressed. Gay men kiss. Is kissing gay? Meanwhile, plenty of gay guys DON’T have anal sex, preferring hand jobs or oral.

    It’s perfectly fine to be totally heterosexual and yet still enjoy being anally fingered by yourself or a lover.

    As for what you might use other than a finger, many people use things like well-lubricated carrots. But you have to be careful with carrots and anything else that might break, leaving pieces inside you. Emergency room doctors have all sorts of stories about the fragments of many things they’ve removed from people’s rectums. It’s best to use things that are unbreakable, for example, a broom handle. Whatever you use, make sure you’re well lubricated.

    I wish you great sex.

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