I met my fiancée when I was barely 21 and she was a virgin committed to waiting for sex until marriage. I highly valued virginity at the time…don’t know why. We dated for 7 years and that whole time she remained a virgin. When she turned 30, she decided not to wait anymore. So we had sex. Now it’s been 9 years dating total. We have been engaged twice and cancelled one wedding. I thought once we got married our sex life would change. She did tell me that when she finally has sex, she’s going to go “crazy” because she had waited so long. But to this day after 3 years of sex we have only done 2 positions: missionary and once every blue moon, she’ll get on top. I’m scared this isn’t normal. She said she’s scared to try other positions. I’ve been so patient and careful but we still only have sex once a week, twice if I’m lucky. Is any of this normal?


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