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I read your article:

www . psychologytoday . com /blog/all-about-sex/201702/age-consent-how-old-is-old-enough-sex

Adolescents are not children.

Children are those who do not reach puberty, in general, those under 9 years of age.

The WHO recognizes this by classifying as children only those who are under 10 years of age.

Our species goes into puberty for sex. That is why many adolescents have sex.

Adolescence is part of adulthood, not childhood. The majority of nature is puberty.

In the Bible there is no minimum age for sex or marriage. If sex were only for fertile people, sterile adults could not have sex.

I think the best reference for sex is puberty. Puberty begins around age 9. Thus, I defend the age of consent between 10 and 12 years. The age of reason is 7 years. That is, enough time to make the consent valid. And it should be valid because sexual maturation occurs at 12 (women) and 13 (men) on average. Coincidentally they are the same ages as Jews are considered adults by Jewish tradition.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    I’m not a doctor. I’m a journalist and sex counselor.

    Thank you for reading my PsychologyToday blog post about age of consent.

    It’s been controversial throughout history. You’re free to believe that young adolescents, age 10 to 13 can reasonably consent to sex. But if you’re an adult and if you act on that in the contemporary U.S. where the age of consent is 16 to 18, and you get discovered, you’ll probably wind up in prison as a pedophile. My post dealt with the centuries of controversy about age of consent. The issue is fraught, especially in the U.S. today where child sex abuse has become one of the most hated crimes. You can believe whatever you want. But in the 50 states, legal age of consent is 16 to 18, and with few exceptions—for example, 18 year olds having sex with 15 year olds—sex between adults and anyone younger than the local age of consent is a felony.

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