I am 32 this year and still unsure of my sexual orientation. I might be bisexual.
I am attracted to a man’s chiselled body but never imagine sex with men. At same time , I’m attracted to women and want straight sex.
I felt guilty when looking at porn as it feels disrespectful to women, but I’m intrigued by both straight and gay porn. Confused soul.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Sexual orientation is all about which gender you fantasize about during masturbation and partner sex. You say you never imagine sex with men. That suggests you’re heterosexual. But bisexuality does not necessarily mean equal attraction to men and women. Plenty of people largely swing one way, but occasionally go the other. You are who you are and wherever you fall on the spectrum of sexual orientation, it’s fine.

    You say you feel guilty when viewing porn, that it’s disrespectful to women. If you really feel that way, there’s little I can say to alter your view, except perhaps this: Porn is not real sex. It’s fantasy, based on men’s evolutionary mission—to spread their sperm far and wide to send them into the next generation. In fantasy everything is permitted and nothing is wrong—as long as you can tell the difference between fantasy and reality. Porn is a cartoon version of sex. it’s a masturbation aid for men who tire of their own fantasies. Many women hate it, but anything consenting adults do is fine—even when there’s only one person present.

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