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I love to have my ass penetrated by my wife with a dildo. I love the stretching and rubbing, the kinkiness of anal sex. The only problem is that my erection gets very soft. I can masturbate to get off but I’m still fairly soft when I ejaculate. Is it because of the pressure on my prostate? Or because I’m concentrating on staying relaxed enough to take the dildo? Is there a way to maintain my erection while being penetrated. A cock ring? Viagra?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Your erection goes soft because less blood is getting into your penis. Why? The most likely reason is that while you enjoy taking a dildo anally, mixed in with the excitement and kinkiness there’s some stress. Stress causes the arteries to constrict, limiting blood flow, including blood flow into the penis.

    My suggestions: Stay as relaxed as possible. Before sex, take a hot bath or shower. That’s relaxing. Include more whole-body massage in your lovemaking. Also relaxing. Breathe deeply and slowly throughout sex including during anal play. Also relaxing. And tell your wife that you need to be in control of the speed and depth of insertion. She should hold the dildo still as you back onto it. That should also help you relax. If you stay relaxed, there’s a good chance your erection will stay firmer. If it doesn’t stay firm, a cock ring or erection medication might help.

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