Woman pulling submissive man's tie

Is it normal to appreciate a submissive disposition in oneself? To the point of seriously wanting to be topped by a domme, complete with pegging and other belittling experiences? I have never done this, yet, though I’ve allowed penetration of my anus by both sexes but I prefer females, either hands or strap on. How do I go about seeking a fem-dom without going pro. Because I want it to be real, and genuinely want to serve HER.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    You ask if your fantasies of being seriously topped by a fem-dom are “normal.” The word has two definitions: conventional/popular and healthy/harmless. Playing the eager sub to a fem-dom is not conventional. It’s a minority pleasure, so in that sense, it’s not normal. But assuming you use plenty of lube and your dom respects safe words, it’s perfectly harmless, healthy, and fine. Plenty of people have BDSM fantasies and play that way, and the best research shows they’re the folks next door—productive, loving, mentally healthy people who just like their sex a little different.

    How to meet a fem-dom. First, google “BDSM fem-dom” and your location. Chances are something will come up that gives you entry into your local network of BDSMers. Or google “BDSM munch” and your location. Munches are informal gatherings, usually at restaurants, where people looking for BDSM play partners meet. With Covid, munches won’t be happening at restaurants and maybe not at all, but perhaps munches in your area have adapted to current circumstances. Finally, I bet there are BDSM groups or clubs near you. You might call them and solicit a referral.

    I wish you great submissive experiences.

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