In my thirties, I used to be able to go about 4 rounds non-stop, but now I may go only one round and it’s difficult to regain erection. I’m now 46 yrs. What can I do to regain my sexual power? Thanks so much.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    You’re not old, but you’re getting older. Age brings many changes, and for men, one of them is a longer refractory period, the time it takes after orgasm/ejaculation to raise another erection. Teens and men in their twenties can often get hard again quickly. You seem to have retained this ability into your thirties. I tip my hat. But now in your mid-40s you’re experiencing longer refractory periods. This is totally normal. Caffeine may help a little, but it sounds like you’re leaving the time of life when you can go more than one round. My suggestions: Make the most of that single round, and figure out how long after you come you can raise a subsequent erection and use that information to plan your lovemaking.

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