young man and question mark

I see cum facials alot in porn. Do women really enjoy receiving them?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    It’s impossible to generalize. Porn is all about men’s sexual fantasies and release. Male ejaculation—in porn lingo, the “money shot”—is central to the enterprise. In commercial porn, the women actors are paid to do what directors say. Directors say, “He’s going to come on your face. I want a big smile.” The women do that. Are they enjoying it? Who knows?

    Meanwhile, there are plenty of facials in amateur porn. The women appear to enjoy them, and some probably do. But porn is a cartoon version of sex, not a documentary on lovemaking. A lot of amateur porn contains facials because commercial porn does.

    To find out if the woman in your life enjoys facials, ask her. She might say “yes,” or “I don’t mind them,” but chances are she’ll say, “no thanks.”

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