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I just got through reading some of your work about erection issues. Good for you for sharing that information. I just turned 67 and continue to use Cialis. I take a 5mg daily. Without it, intercourse is a huge stinking disappointment. But if I take 25 mg at one time, my boner seems to come in the middle of the night when my partner is still sleeping. Our pleasure seems to come from licking and sucking. I work out most days—hike, bike, golf, you name it, I do it. My wife is my age and is fine with our sex program. I smoke at night and consume a few more drinks than I need, but nothing during the day and so does she. I know I am at a disadvantage from smoking and drinking, but my life is good. So what about the pills? What about the natural products on the market?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    If you told the doctor who prescribes your Cialis that you smoke and drink a bit too much daily, I bet your physician mentioned that smoking and alcohol are major erection killers. Allow me to review why. Erection is all about blood flow into the penis. The more blood, the firmer the boner. Smoking tobacco narrows the arteries, including the ones in the penis. Smoking reduces blood flow into the penis and impairs erection. After a drink or two, any more becomes a central nervous system depressant that interferes with the nervous system’s ability to open the penile arteries when you become sexually aroused. If those arteries don’t open, you wind up with less blood in your penis, and less likelihood of erection. So you have a choice—continue to smoke and drink as you have and suffer erection problems, or quit smoking and reduce drinking to one or two a day, and over six months or so, your erections should improve somewhat. At 67, you’re unlikely to have porn star erections, but your situation should improve.

    The major erection drugs, including Cialis usually work within an hour or so. I’m surprised that you’re getting erections in the middle of the night. I suggest you discuss this with your prescribing physician.

    As for the huge number of natural/herbal erection supplements, several natural products provide some erection benefit, for example, ginseng. But the effective dose is around 2700 mg a day and I’ve never seen any so-called Male Potency supplement that contains anywhere near that dose. The same goes for other herbs with pro-erection action. Take them if you want to, but all you probably get is a placebo effect. If you’d like to explore natural erection aids, I suggest you consult a naturopathic physician. To find those near you, search “naturopath” and your location.

    I wish you great sex.

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