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Please list the various foods that improve one’s sex life.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Erection and sexual responsiveness in women, too, depend on unimpeded blood flow into the genitals. It takes extra blood to raise erections and get the clitoris erotically excited. So foods that improve blood flow around the body help sexuality, while anything that hurts blood flow hurts sexual arousal and responsiveness.

    Foods to avoid: meats, whole milk dairy foods (cheese, ice cream, sour cream, whole milk yogurt), fast foods and junk foods. They all contain lots of cholesterol and saturated fat, which cause deposits to grow on artery walls that narrow the arteries and reduce blood flow.

    Foods to eat: fruits and vegetables. They contain antioxidant nutrients that help keep the arteries healthy with full blood flow.

    Avoiding the former and eating lots of the latter also help prevent heart disease, stroke, and most cancers, so you get more than just better sex. You’re also likely to live longer and enjoy more years of being sexual.

    I wish you great sex.

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