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I’m a teen. I have a fwb for about a week but I have dated him in the past. He wants to remain friends but i want to be more than fwb. It’s sooo hard. When I talk about it, he denies his feelings. We become fwb because we both just got outta relationships and were bored and all I do anymore is think nonstop about him. What should I do?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Well. I’d forgotten how intense life can feel for teens. Thank you for reminding me. Basically, it takes two to tango. You only have a relationship if both people want to be involved, and want to be involved at the same level. It sounds like your FWB feels fine about the two of you as FWBs, but it doesn’t sound like he’s as into you as you are into him. In addition, you’ve both just ended other relationships. It usually takes some time to sort out feelings after break-ups and move on from them.

    Here are your choices: You can maintain the FWB relationship and be patient and perhaps it might evolve into something more, maybe, no guarantees. Or you can push him for more now and risk losing him altogether. Or you can cut things off and look for someone else. The choice is yours. There’s no right and wrong here, just options that have different advantages and disadvantages.

    If you continue with your FWB relationship, I hope you use condoms every time the friends share benefits. Good luck!

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