Caring for Vibrators, and Making Them Last

Am I missing something ?? Through out your published works I find the subject of G-spot very rare. I have been married 2 times and then decided that this was enough. But I was able to increase my sexual weekly pleasure many many times over. I discovered that using my fingers in the woman’s vagina and rubbing her G spot with variation was the perfect stimulation to make her orgasm. For those men who are asking where it is this is where I find it. When inserting 2 fingers in her wet vagina run gently on the upper side of it and feel for a raised roughened quarter raised rough area about 2-3 inches into her. When you have found it she will let you know in several ways and I always ask them to say ” That’s Perfect ! ”
I always suggest those little talks about location and sensation. Guys rub that spot with some gentle pressure and note her reaction. Lay between her legs and close to her labia for this reason : As in the real estate business the saying works for great sex for her too.
” Location, Location, Location. ” As you see and feel her become more vocal lick her clitoris with the hood pulled back. You will probably get the OMG response.

( Women Talk to Other Women ! )

Pull her hood back with your thumb and lick the most sensitive nerve in her body and suck on it. Since the fingers of your right hand are in her then use the left hand to do the exterior work and also your tongue. You can stop doing all of that and then switch to massaging her nerve fill labia major. ( the stop will make them more excited and wanting ) Squeeze them gently and firmly off and on and massage them their full length on both sides of the vulva. The more time you spending doing this the better orgasms she might have.

Then return to massaging and licking her clit a little more then do this: Push down with your left hand on her mound ( pubic bone ) as you increase the pressure upward on her G spot. This should make it very easy to make you lady orgasm. But after her first orgasm I always ask them to tell me when she wants to stop the orgasms and give you your attention.

When I was married I was forbidden fruit and some women want a bite of that apple. But after I became divorced I had knowledge with women and remembered what I had achieved for my wives and then did something that most men would never do and I was lucky. I had 2 loves who knew each other and having wine one night with the two I asked them my most fearsome question and got the yes answer from both. I asked them if I could make one orgasm while they both told me what to do and put all that info into memory.

Over many months of learning what they had liked I got my full library. I was lucky to have 2 teachers and lovers because their styles and likes were different sometimes. That did not confuse me because women are emotionally different and not physically consistent because of stress. I learned Yoni massage and other techniques to get them physically and emotionally relaxed and the world pushed to the side for awhile.

I hope this all gave you something to try and perfect and I assure you that your lady will guide you too. Good Luck and you relax too.

Michael what do you think of this technique ??


  • Michael Castleman says:

    For women who enjoy your technique, I think it’s marvelous. But it’s a mistake to assume that all women welcome it. Everyone is sexually unique. Some women adore G-spot play. Others can take it or leave it. And some don’t care for it. I urge men to check in with their lovers and discuss G-spot play.

    On this site, I offer a low-cost e-article, The G-Spot: Everything You Need Know. I’d be curious to hear what you think of it.

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