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I’m a male in my late 20’s. For years I’ve had this fantasy: Basically, I get incredibly turned on by exhibitionism, being watched having sex or masturbating, but only by parties who are aware and consenting and who I’m consenting to have watch. I have no desire to streak in public or to engage in sexual acts in public.  I live in a very small, very rural community and it’s hard to socialize platonically as is, let alone find a partner who would share my interest or potential viewers. So how can I gain satisfaction in a way that’s safe, consensual and healthy? Is that even possible? Am I stuck having to just fantasize?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    You’re in luck. There is a way to be exhibitionistic—both solo and partnered—safely with everyone expressing total consent. Sex clubs. At sex clubs, visitors can be as exhibitionistic or as voyeuristic as they like totally legally, safely, and in a supportive, accepting environment. There are sex clubs in virtually every major metropolitan area and in many rural places as well. I suggest you search “sex clubs” and your locale, or any locale you may travel to. At sex clubs, single women and couples pay little or no entry fee. Single men pay more, like $50-75 for admission. Sex clubs are different from swing clubs. The former admit single men. The latter typically admit only couples and single women, though some swing clubs sometimes admit single men. You might also search “swing clubs” and inquire.

    I wish you great sex and safe fulfillment of your fantasy.

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