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Feels kind of weird asking how to last longer. I am 24 years old. I have an active sex life with multiple partners. I do not have any problem getting erections, however, I would like to understand what I could do to have erections that last longer. There’s so much on the Internet that it’s confusing. I do not have any pre-existing medical conditions. Recently, I’ve also been having trouble getting a second erection (after the first round). Perhaps because of the frequency? Is there something that I could do about it? Looking for safe options like tablets or sprays.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    The technical name for your situation is premature ejaculation. I’m sorry you’re troubled by it, but it’s not at all unusual. In fact, PE is men’s #1 sex problem. Fortunately, it’s also usually fairly easy to resolve. Over the past 60 years, sex therapists have developed a program that teaches around 90% of men to last as long as they’d like—without drugs or sprays. I’ve distilled the sex therapy program into a low-cost, self-help e-booklet, The Cure for Premature Ejaculation. The program works for men whether single or coupled. I urge you to obtain a copy, and work your way through the program, ideally with the help of one or more of your partners. It takes a few months. The Cure carries a money-back guarantee through PayPal, so it’s risk-free. And in addition to teaching you to last as long as you’d like, the e-booklet is also likely to enhance your lover’s sexual pleasure and satisfaction—and not just because you last longer, but also because the program encourages sexual adjustments that provide more pleasure for women. You CAN last as long as you’d like. The Cure can show you how—or your money back.

    About having trouble raising a second erection: After men come, they enter what’s known as the refractory period (RP), a certain period of time when it’s difficult if not impossible to raise the next erection. This is totally normal. Teens and men in their early twenties can often raise #2 within a few minutes. But as men get older, RP grows progressively longer. It’s my no means unusual for a man your age to have an RP of an hour or two, sometimes longer. There’s a lot of individual variation. Among men over 40, RP may be several hours, among old men, more than 12 hours, sometimes a whole day. Again, this is totally normal. The main thing is not to become stressed about it. Stress about RP (or anything) releases stress hormones that constrict the arteries that carry blood into the penis. In other words, stress makes erection less likely. To keep your RP as brief as possible, stop worrying about getting it up for subsequent rounds. Get to know your RP and accept it.

    I wish you great—and long-lasting—sex.

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