Plz sir, how true is this and which one true, plz tell me.

Here Is the simple way to calculate your ovulation cycle
👇1. From the day you see the blood of your menstruation

2. Pick up a calendar and count 15days including the first day and the Blood stain
3. Mark the day with pen.
4. Mark 3days before the day and mark 3day after the 15th day.
5. You will notice you have 7days marked
This 7days your ovulation /fertilt period.

For example
1. If you see your menstruation on5th of April 2020
2. 15days after first day of the blood flow will be on 19th of April also (2weeks after) counting from 5th
3. 15th day is 19th April 2020
4. 3ays before the 19th day is 16,17,18
5. 3days after 19th day is 20,21,22
6. From 16-22 April (7days) is when you are ovulating. It is your fertile period.

If you want a baby girl, have sex between 3day before ovulation (16-22)april 2020

For a baby boy on have sex on the main ovulation day and 3days after 22th.

Plz sir, how true is this teaching?

And plz tell me the correct way to calculate it manually.

Thank you Sir


  • Michael Castleman says:

    What you’ve described is the calendar rhythm method of ovulation timing. It’s not very reliable for either getting pregnant or birth control. It uses just the calendar. There are other signs of ovulation—a small but noticeable increase in basal body temperature (body temperature first thing in the morning), and the quality of the woman’s cervical mucus. I suggest you contact a family planning clinic or Planned Parenthood and ask about fertility awareness, the name for the scientific approach to ovulation identification.

    About timing of intercourse and gender of the baby, from time to time studies get published showing a very slight association between conception timing and baby gender. But I know of no compelling evidence that a few days one way or the other makes a real difference. I suggest you ask your family planning counselor when you ask about ovulation identification.

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