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Hello, decades ago when I was young I learned that my ass was a source of great sexual pleasure. Naturally I explored and played with my asshole for long periods everyday. I began using bigger, longer, thicker objects. At 14 , I had my very first orgasm and it was from anal penetration. I became obsessed with anal stimulation and it has become an addiction. The only sex I enjoy is receiving anal sex or getting fucked. It is the only sex I have ever enjoyed and never want any other kind of sex. I got my ass fisted recently and it was unreal. I loved the feeling of being a hand puppet and was paralyzed with pleasure convulsing and shaking in ecstasy. Should I be worried about any long term risks and or physical concerns of such prolonged anal penetration over nearly half a century? What are the possible health risks of deep anal penetration with huge phallic objects? Thank you very much


  • Michael Castleman says:

    If anal play hasn’t caused you any significant problems in 50 years, assuming good health, I think you’re good to go for the rest of your life.

    You wonder about the possible health risks of inserting large objects anally. Yes, there are some—anal abrasions and fissures—but mostly for anal novices who don’t know what they’re doing and go beyond what they’re ready for. You’ve very experienced. I wouldn’t feel too concerned. My only suggestion: In later life, you may need more lubricant.

    You say you’re “addicted” to anal sex. That’s a loaded term, one that can cause unnecessary anguish. In my view, you’re NOT addicted. You’ve simply found the kind of sexual play you really enjoy and play that way every time. Why not do it that way every time? Some people love vaginal intercourse, and only make love that way. Are they addicted? No, they just enjoy sex that way.

    You wonder if it’s odd that you only want anal. Not at all. Sex is adult play. Consider a playground. Some kids sample everything: swings, slide, climbing walls, whatever. Others have tried them all but over time focus on a few. And some find one playground area they really love and see no reason to go anywhere else. Ditto for sex.

    Be who you are. Enjoy who you are. Be grateful you’ve found a way to play that gives you pleasure and keeps you coming back for more. You’re fine.

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