worried middle aged man

50 years old. dick won’t get hard. I cum, but dick just won’t get hard


  • Michael Castleman says:

    You haven’t offered any details about your situation, so it’s difficult to provide good advice. If you tell me more about your lifestyle, how this began, and how long it’s been going on, perhaps I can be more helpful. Still, here are some thoughts:

    • Somewhere in the range of age 40 to 60, most men notice erection changes. They no longer walk around hard like they did in their youth. They can’t raise erections from just thinking sexy thoughts. And when erections rise, they may wilt from minor distractions. All this is normal.

    • Whether erection changes begin closer to 40 or closer to 60 usually depends on men’s lifestyles. Things that hasten erection changes: smoking, high-fat diet (lots of meats, cheeses, ice cream), frequent use of alcohol or alcohol abuse, being overweight, not getting regular exercise, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and emotional stress—including anxiety about not getting hard. Things that support erection function: not smoking or quitting, not having more than one alcoholic drink a day, a low-fat, low-meat/cheese diet, regular moderate exercise, weight loss, controlling cholesterol and blood pressure, and deep relaxation (from exercise, yoga, meditation, etc.) If you have any lifestyle habits that hurt erections, I suggest you consider changing them in a healthier direction. That might help.

    • Penis-centered sex, the kind depicted in porn, also hurts erections. For firm erections, view lovemaking as mutual whole-body massage that eventually—after 20 minutes or so—focuses on the genitals. Warming up with lots of whole body caressing is deeply relaxing and primes the penis to get hard.

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    I with you great sex with firm erections.

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