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Am struggling with the sexual effects of aging. My brain desires sex in the same way as when younger but the body just can’t deliver. I understand this is the effect of aging but am totally frustrated by this situation. Believe me, I am having sex, and kink, in all sorts of ways as an alternative but it just is not the same. Have tried Viagra. If only I could regain the same level of sensitivity and rigidity would help. Is there nothing I can do about this?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    I feel for you. I’m 70 myself. There are two ways to go: restore lost erection function or jettison intercourse for “outercourse,” all the other ways to make love that you mention.

    So you’ve tried Viagra. I’m guessing it didn’t work all that well, otherwise you wouldn’t have written me. You might try asking your doctor to prescribe a higher dose and see if that helps. You might also ask to try the other erection drugs: Cialis, Levitra, and the ones derived from yohimine, Yocon and a couple other brands.

    If none of them deliver firm erections at any reasonable dose, then I suggest you look into low-intensity shockwave therapy (LIST). There’s good research to show that this approach opens the arteries of the penis and allows more blood in to power erections. Ask your doctor or urologist or search ED treatment in your area.

    You’re right that outercourse is not the same as all of that plus intercourse. But if intercourse is impossible, outercourse if your best accommodation. Fact is, surprisingly few older men take erection medication regularly, only around 10 percent. Most who remain sexually active opt for outercourse.

    I wish you great sex—one way or another.

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