Is it normal to want or have sexual intercourse for couples over 65. What % do?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    It’s perfectly normal for people over age 65 to want and have intercourse. In 2010, Indiana University researchers surveyed a representative sample of several hundred older adults. Among those age 60-69, during the previous year, 43 percent of the men and 22 percent of the women reported having intercourse at least once. And a study by University of Chicago researchers suggests that many do it two or three times a month.

    However, as later life unfolds, men increasingly have erection problems, and many women develop vaginal dryness and tissue-thinning (atrophy) that, even with lube, can make intercourse difficult or impossible. Older couples generally evolve their lovemaking away from intercourse toward less problematic—but still fulfilling—alternatives: genital hand massage, oral sex, and sex toys.

    Still, despite evolution away from intercourse, plenty of people 65 and older continue to enjoy it.

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