Unhappy couple having problems at bedroom

I want to be lasting longer in bed. My penis seems to be super-sensitive. With very little stimulation I easily come off. Going for round two, I come off as soon as all the excitement begins again. I find this difficult to deal with because I feel like my penis is getting excited too fast and this gets me feeling bad. How can I maintain an erection for more than 5 minutes while my girlfriend rides or while I pump? Kindly help.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    I’m sorry you come quickly. The medical term for your situation is premature ejaculation. Studies show that men with PE have penises no more sensitive than other men’s. They just need to adjust their lovemaking a little to gain reliable ejaculatory control.

    PE is men’s #1 sex problem. Fortunately, it’s also usually fairly easy to resolve. Over the past 60 years, sex therapists have developed a program that teaches around 90% of men to last as long as they’d like—without drugs. I’ve distilled the sex therapy program into a low-cost, self-help e-booklet, The Cure for Premature Ejaculation. The program works for men whether single or coupled. I urge you to obtain a copy, and work your way through the program. It takes a few months. The Cure carries a money-back guarantee through PayPal, so it’s risk-free. And in addition to teaching you to last as long as you’d like, the e-booklet is also likely to enhance your lover’s sexual pleasure and satisfaction—and not just because you last longer, but also because the program encourages sexual adjustments that provides more pleasure for women. You CAN last as long as you’d like. The Cure can show you how—or your money back.

    I wish you great —and long-lasting—sex.

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