man taking viagra

I’m 84 and take an erection drug—Cialis. I enjoy a lot of sex. According to my cardiology tests (I’ve had stents and a valve replacement) I’m supposedly 52. I’m in the gym doing high intensity internal and weight training 5 times a week. No problem. I think sex is great. As you say, it doesn’t have to involve intercourse. However, all that said, I’m wondering if the meds can be harmful over years of use. Cialis work amazingly well for me. But I wonder about the long-term effects.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Viagra was approved in 1998, Cialis in 2003. So we have 20 years experience with the former and 15 years with the latter. During that time, there have been no indications of serious effects from using these medications. I can’t say Cialis is totally absolutely safe no matter how long you use it. But at this point in time, 15 years after approval, it appears to be safe enough. Keep checking in with your doctors and make sure they all know you take it.

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