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I’m a 76 year old heterosexual man. I’m now having the best sex of my life, but I don’t know why.  For several years now, both with and without my partner, my orgasms have lasted longer and longer, now 15 seconds or more, which has given me more pleasure. Not that I’m producing more ejaculate, in fact significantly less, I’m pretty sure. These longer, stronger orgasms are startling—and pleasing of course, but also puzzling. Have you ever heard of this?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    If you’ve had surgery for prostate enlargement, usually the TURP procedure, I can’t explain your longer, more pleasurable orgasms.

    But if not, if your prostate is still intact, the cause of your unexpected pleasure is prostate enlargement. As men age and their prostates grow larger, it becomes more difficult to void completely. Men must serially contract their groin muscles to squeeze out all urine. The muscles used to do this are the same ones that contract during orgasm, the pelvic floor muscles, especially the pubocoxygeus or PC. By squeezing your groin muscles to urinate you’re also inadvertently strengthening the PC, which leads to longer, stronger orgasms. There’s a name for this—Kegel exercises, which are recommended for intensifying orgasm.

    Prostate enlargement symptoms are a drag—weak stream, getting up at night, etc. But you’re experiencing the silver lining. Enjoy!

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