Sir. My vagina hole is loose. I’m a married woman. I’m 26 years old, divorced, married again. With my new husband, we have a sex problem. My ex-husband’s penny was bit larger than my new husband’s. So my new husband doesn’t have fun with me when doing sex. So please help me. How to my make vagina tight? Does aloe vera do that? Please reply.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    The vagina is not a “hole.” It is filled with tightly folded muscle tissue. I don’t know if aloe vera helps. You could try it, but if you develop any irritation, stop.

    Here are two ways to tighten up: Do Kegel exercises a few times a day. After a month or so, you should be a little tighter—and you should enjoy more pleasure from orgasm. For more, read my low-cost article on Kegels. In addition, have intercourse in the man-on-top position. Once his erection is inside you, draw your legs together, so he’s not between your thighs but on top of them. Pressing your thighs together creates a feeling of tightness that might help. For more, read my low-cost article, The Plain Truth about Vaginal Tightness and Looseness. All my resources come with a money-back guarantee, so they’re risk-free.

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