unhappy middle aged man

I have lot of anal sex with toys. I’m noticing my anus is pushing out. What can I do to slow it down? Fix it?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Rectal prolapse is usually caused by chronic constipation. It’s possible that frequent use of anal toys might also contribute to it, but quite possibly not. My suggestion: Consult your physician and see what he/she says. You might need a referral to a proctologist. Be honest with your doctors about your use of anal toys. If you feel you can’t be totally forthcoming, then I’d suggest consulting a sexual medicine specialist. To find one near you, visit the North American Society for Sexual Medicine.

    The typical treatment for rectal prolapse is surgery to move the rectum back up into place. But if you don’t need surgery, the best advice would be to prevent/treat any constipation with a high-fiber diet (lots of fruits, vegetables, salads, and bran cereal for breakfast) and regular moderate exercise.

    I wish you fast relief and happy playtime with your toys.

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