Friends with Benefits: How Friendly? How Sexual?

I have been in a committed relationship for the past 6 months. We talk on the phone for hours. whenever I talk to her, my penis gets erected and it leaks a drop. This makes me uncomfortable. It’s been happening for 6 months. When she kisses me over the phone or when we talk about sex, that’s when it happens. But only a drop. Is that a problem?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    No problem at all. It’s perfectly normal.

    Several small glands surround the tube that carries both urine and semen out of the penis. During sexual arousal, these glands secrete a drop or two of clear fluid that lubricates the head of the penis in anticipation of intercourse. Her kisses and talking about sex arouse you. You get erect. Your para-urethral glands secrete the fluid you’ve noticed. You function perfectly. Don’t worry about it. Enjoy it.

    And when the two of you get reunite, I wish you great sex.

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