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I have no question, but I just about fell out of my chair when about a week ago my wife asked me if I’d like to have sex as a birthday present. She is 67 and I am turning 75. The last time we had anything resembling sex was about 3 or 4 years ago. We do some cuddling in bed (a lot less than I’d like) and daily “I love you” smooches. We are pretty good pals, but I have had to find other sexual outlets because to me it’s still a “need.” It is one of my very few sources of “pleasure.” I have two “sexual outlets,” but recently it’s down to one, probably temporarily, and the one I can still do has become much less often, also hopefully temporarily. So to have her propose this is a super-welcome surprise. Forgive my skepticism but I will also be surprised (and elated!) if she likes it and wants to do it again, hopefully weekly, but even if it’s much less often.
I have some idea what she wants me to do – we had quite a few years of the hottest sex that I had had with any of my sex partners – but I plan to ask her what the one or two or three things that she expects or desires for us to do or me to do. But in the meantime, why not look around the internet for suggestions for what to do to, or do with a postmenopausal woman sexually so she’ll want to do it again. A lotta information there and some of it useful but much of it just not helpful to me. I ran across your “cougars & cubs” piece from last January and so far it is the only article that gave me useful info, even practical info! I’m no ‘cub’ but that was the only treatment of my “older woman problem” that helped with my confidence.

Thank You!

I now see that this turned out to be a little long winded – sorry! – and

Kudos to You, thank you!



  • Michael Castleman says:

    I’m not sure why the Cougar/Cub piece would help you and your wife, but I’m glad it did. If you haven’t had much sex together for the past several years, and you want your wife’s offer repeated and hopefully lead to regular partner play, I suggest you obtain a copy of my low-cost e-book, Enjoy the Best Sex of Your Life. It’s 135 chapters cover all aspects of lovemaking and should provide food for discussion that just might get you something close to what you want.

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