How do I get my 86-year-old husband who loved sex to touch me, now that erections are rare?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    You can’t “get” him to touch you or have sex. He has to get there himself. But he may be able to. It’s very difficult for many men to let go of penis-centered sex and erections. Some feel that if they can’t raise erections, what’s the point of sex, it’s over. But with some information, many older men are able to change their perspective, to see that that the point of sex is mutual pleasure, and that kissing, cuddling, mutual massage, oral sex, and perhaps toys can feel just as pleasurable and satisfying as intercourse-based lovemaking. I suggest you purchase a copy of my low-cost article, Great Sex Without Intercourse: A Creative Alternative for Older Couples, and share it with your husband. If that article doesn’t turn him around, then I suggest you peruse the table of contents of my low-cost e-book, The Best Sex of Your Life, which contains 134 chapters on all aspects of sex, several dealing with transitioning away from penis-focused sex. You can buy them individually or the whole collection for one very low prices. All my materials carry a money-back guarantee through PayPal so they’re risk-free. I hope your husband can shift away from penis-centered sex and give you the pleasure you deserve. Good luck!

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