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Whenever I’m menstruating, I normally feel pain from my hymen to my tummy. Please can I know why?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Around half of women experience pain on menstruation. The reason has nothing to do with your hymen. Each month your blood-rich uterine lining peels away from your uterus and exits your body through your vagina. That’s your period, and that’s why it’s bloody. The biochemical process that governs menstruation also causes abdominal pain and cramping for many women. That’s what you’re feeling.

    To relieve your menstrual cramps, get more exercise, try a heating pad on your abdomen, take hot baths, cut back on junk foods, eat more fish or try a fish oil supplement, drink raspberry leaf tea, and try chamomile tea. Or take over-the-counter drugs: aspirin, ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil), or naproxen (Naprosyn).

    If these approaches don’t help after a few cycles, consult a physician.

  • hipihik says:

    Michael has excellent advise to try. In my younger years (now 55 and post menopausal) I used heating pad, sublingual B12 along with Ibuprofen and chocolate ice cream with good relief. The cramping was so bad my doctor placed me on a low dose of birth control which ligjtened the flow and helped the cramps. I doubt the chocolate helpes cramping. Its my comfort food 😉 I also found sexual intercourse with my husband immediately relieved the pain of cramping. Ive not seen it suggested anywhere Its a messy job but he seem more than happy to be the cure for my cramps. Sharing a shower is a good time to try this. Be sure to speak with your partner to make sure he is ok with it beforehand. Some men arent ok and their choice should be respected. It also helped with my irritability. Or maybe that was the chocolate lol. You didnt mention if you are married. I’m not suggesting sex outside of marriage at all. Also speak with your physician prior to trying this. I never had a problem with endometriosis or other female issues but that doesnt mean it wont cause complications of some sort for other ladies. Women with heavy flow can suffer from anemia which can leave you out of energy so taking a good multivitamin with iron helps.

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