Why Do People Have Sex?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    With good hygiene, yes, it’s safe. Assuming that insertions—fingers, toys, erections—happen slowly with lots of lubricant and the recipient in control of the speed and depth of insertion, there’s no harm from anal play.

    But hygiene is crucial. The anal area contains digestive bacteria that can cause urinary tract infections if anything moves form the anus into the vagina. Before anal play, recipients should always wash the area thoroughly with soap and water. And nothing that touches the anus should enter the mouth. Porn sometimes features “ass to mouth” action. Don’t do this.

    The main issues with anal play is pain. To enjoy anal without pain, read my low-cost e-article, Anal Play Without Pain. It carries a money-back guarantee through PayPal, so it’s risk-free.

    I wish you great sex.

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