I am a 63-year-old man. We have sex about once a week. I want to know if this is normal. When we were young, we used to have sex 4-5 times a week. Actually, I think our sex is better now, longer and better, I think my wife of 40+ years would like more sex. She loves her vibrators, and she has great orgasms with them.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Everyone is sexually unique, so you have to be very careful about calling anything “normal” or “abnormal.” That said, most surveys show that couples under 40 average about once a week, while older couples average two to three times a month. By this metric, you guys make love a bit more often than average for your age.

    You say you “think” your wife would like more sex. I suggest you ask her. You’re under no obligation to do it more frequently, but if you have a noticeable desire difference, that might lead to resentment: “You never want to!” “You’re sex-obsessed!” You might consider continuing with your weekly schedule, but adding “vacation bonus sex.” When you go away, you make love a bit more. Something to think about.

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