Transgender woman

We seem to have a third sex that society has now recognized. Do you think that the Shemale can be the new sex partner for the couple looking for new adventures?? Do you think attraction to them by couples is the simple way to have something for the both the man and the woman? And if you have discussed this with T-Girls, how do they perceive themselves within our sexual world ??

Why do there seem to be more of them in 2nd & 3rd world countries. I understand the XY issue but is there a trend to see more today than 30 years ago ?? I had a date with a beautiful woman, but when we showered together, I got the shock of my life. My mind was not prepared to see just the woman in the shower with me but a woman who had my parts too. Do you feel that they should tell their partner before things get to this point ?? Her face was that of an angel with beautiful natural breasts, but then the male parts just seemed to be a wet blanket. But she had lovely hips and a woman’s back and butt. We stayed friends throughout college and discussed the world she was trapped in. It was a very sad story.

Your thoughts on this issue.



  • Michael Castleman says:

    Around 1% of the population leans toward trans-genderhood, though fewer take hormones or have surgery. There have always been trans-people. Greek mythology speaks of people who switch gender or have elements of both. But only in this century has trans-hood been widely recognized and accepted—or not.

    Some men feel particularly enamored of trans-women. They’re often called trans-chasers. If you’re among them, fine, enjoy yourself. And if you find a trans-woman who enjoys threesomes with heterosexual couples, that’s fine, too.

    But please understand that trans-women rarely see their transitions as some service for heterosexual couples who want to play with those who show traits of both genders. Being trans is complicated and emotionally challenging. While trans-hood is more accepted now that it used to be, people who cross traditional gender lines often face discrimination, rejection from families and friends, psychological difficulties, and others consequences. If you become emotionally involved with trans-women, no doubt you’ll learn first-hand that it’s no bed of roses.

    Bottom line: Trans-people deserve respect, sympathy, and compassion, however they play between the sheets.

    I wish you great sex with lovers you enjoy, no matter what their birth or current gender.

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