woman in her Panties

Why do men become sexually aroused by smelling women’s used panties?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Some men get aroused this way. Others don’t. Like everything else having to do with sex, it’s individual.

    Why do some men get aroused sniffing women’s used panties? The short answer is: I don’t know. But sense of smell is very important to some people’s sexual arousal and responsiveness, hence the enormous perfume/cologne industry. In addition, smelling panties may be a way for men to fantasize being very close to women.

    Whatever the reason, many men get aroused this way. Some years ago, I attended a sex conference where a researcher had combed sex personals ads looking for women selling used panties. She found hundreds of women doing this. More recently, on the Netflix series, “Orange Is The New Black,” the women prisoners start a business selling their used panties to horny men.

    No matter how you get excited, I wish you great sex.

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