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Hello. I have 2 questions

1 .If men or women swallow a small amount of semen/sperm,can sperm in the stomach cause semen or sperm allergy? Or infertility?

2. If there is a cut in the mouth and sperm contact blood, can it come in bloodstream and cause anti-sperm antibody and infertility or sperm allergy?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Swallowing semen does NOT cause sperm allergy or infertility. Semen is about 97 percent water. It passes through the digestive tract like water does. Sperm account for about 2 percent of semen. Sperm cells are very delicate and fragile. They are all killed by stomach acids.

    If someone who swallows semen has a cut in the mouth and the sperm have some contact with blood, the risk of sperm antibodies or allergy is vanishingly tiny. I wouldn’t worry about it. The only thing to worry about is AIDS if the semen contains HIV.

  • trrebel says:

    Please, people, let’s use some common sense. Oral sex has been around for thousands of years
    and both men and women have been swallowing sperm and sharing it with their mates. As Michael says, unless you have open wounds in your mouth or throat, stomach acids kill any germs. Adventurous sex is fun and safe–if you take sensible precautions. Remember, 3,000 years ago there was no such thing as straight, gay, bi, or lesbian, just men and women having fun, which included oral sex, which is safe.

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