I had sex with my boyfriend last night. We generally use condoms, but last night the condom slipped off midway and we didn’t have another one, so we continued anyway. Now I’m confused about whether to take the afterpill or not because the hormones in the pill don’t really agree with me.

He used the restroom before sex, I used a spermicide gel before sex (in addition to the condom that we were using), I saw him pull out and come outside (I asked him and he is certain that he didn’t come inside), last night was exactly 7 days after the first day of my period, so I’m on the border of the “safe period”.

We’re both tested and exclusive, so I’m not worried about STIs.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Family planning counselors would probably advise you to take the morning-after pill. Even though he withdrew, pre-ejaculatory male secretions may contain sperm. Better safe than sorry.

    However, it sounds like you’re at low risk of pregnancy. You used spermicide. He withdrew successfully. And in your cycle, you’re post-period and probably pre-ovulatory.

    One could argue either way, so it comes down to how much risk you’re comfortable taking. Personally, I’m risk-averse and would probably opt for the morning-after pill. But a more risk-tolerating person might decide otherwise.

    My suggestions: Take a home pregnancy test and see. Repeat the test a day or two later. If you’re not pregnant, the incident is over. If the test turns positive, visit Planned Parenthood or a family planning clinic and discuss your options.

    And next time with the boyfriend, one of you should hold the condom onto the base of his penis. If that’s awkward, consider another method of contraception.

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