man under sheets going down on woman

Can we teach men to correctly enter and move for us women to climax in the primary position?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Yes, men and women can be taught how to make love so that women can reliably have orgasms.

    The problem is that many men and some women believe intercourse is how women should get there. But a great deal of research shows that only 25% of women are consistently orgasmic from intercourse. Why? Most intercourse doesn’t provide sufficient stimulation for women’s orgasms trigger, the clitoris, the little nub that sits outside of the vagina and an inch or two above it under the top junction of the vaginal lips. 75% of women need gentle, direct, extended clitoral caresses by hand, tongue, or vibrator to come. For more, I suggest you read my low-cost e-article, Six Ways to Help Her Have Orgasms.

    If you’d like to increase your chances of orgasm during man-on-top intercourse, I suggest you try the Coital Alignment Technique (CAT). Several studies have shown that it increases women’s likelihood of coming during missionary position intercourse. For more, read my low-cost e-article, Orgasms During Intercourse—Improving Women’s Chances.

    All my e-articles carry a money-back guarantee through PayPal, so they’re risk-free.

    I wish you great—and reliably orgasmic—sex.

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