package of Zestra

I have wondered for decades about a lubricant sold LONGS Drugstore in the 70’s, called Transilube Fun Foam. It was sold in a can, like hair styling foam. It made the right part of my male anatomy fantastically sensitive. The foam is nowhere to be found. Do you know how I can get some? Now that I’m 65 I could really use it. I just read about Zestra. Would that help?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Transilube Fun Foam appears nowhere on the Internet, so it’s safe to say it’s no longer available.

    Zestra is a topical liquid arousal enhancer made from a combination of herbs with folk histories of sexual enhancement. One study published in a reputable journal a dozen years ago showed that it does, indeed, boost arousal and pleasure somewhat. Zestra is safe and widely available. I suggest you try it and see for yourself.

    I wish you great sex.

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