Effective Self-Help for Women with Low or No Libido

I’m old, a 67-year-old man. How many times can I have sex within a month for better health?  My second question: After age 65, is sex more problematic for health from a medical point of view?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    You’re free to consider yourself old at 67, but these days, those from 61 to 70 are usually considered the “young old,” 71 to 80 “old,” and over 80 “old old.” At 67, you’re certainly no longer young or even middle aged, but how “old” you are depends more on your health than your chronological age.

    How many times a month can you have sex for better health? As many times as you’re willing and able. Some men your age retire from sex. Others have sex every day, some with partners but mostly solo. There’s no age limit on sex, just what individual people want and can comfortably accommodate.

    Is sex at your age medically problematic? Here I suggest you have a complete check-up and physical. Ask your doctor if your medical situation limits your sexuality in any way. Listen to the answer, and then take it into account when deciding how sexual you want to be.

    I wish you great—and continuing—sex.

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