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I consider myself a very sexual woman. I am 43 and my husband is 35. I was always very active sexually in my previous marriage, but now I’m even more active. I now have sex every day, sometimes two or three times—plus I masturbate when my husband is at work. We are even planning a trip to have sex with another woman, a threesome. Is this normal at my age? Is it normal for a woman at my age to be so active?
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  • Michael Castleman says:

    “Normal” has two connotations: typical and healthy.

    You’re not typical. Few women, especially women over 40, are as sexually active as you are. But there’s nothing unhealthy about your level of sexual activity—if it works for you, and works in your marriage, and doesn’t interfere with life priorities: work, family, etc. So you’re not normal (as in typical), but you are normal (as in healthy) if all else is well in your life.

    Like you, a some women, are very sexually active. You might like to read my recent blog post,“The Real Lives of Highly Sexual Women,” which discusses the only survey I know of very sexually active women and what their lives are like.

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