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Hello, what do you think of the Penuma Enlargement Procedure? The doctor who came up with this is located in Los Angles I believe.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    I think it’s expensive—$15,000 out of pocket, plus any travel to Los Angeles and a hotel there.

    Yes, surgeons at Cedars Sinai developed Penuma. It involves insertion of a silicone “halfpipe” sleeve under the skin of the top of the penis, slipped in through an incision at the base of the top of the penis. It takes about an hour. The published research says it can add 1-3 inches in length and considerable girth, too, while not affecting urination, sexual function, or ejaculation.

    I wonder. There have only been a study or two by the team that developed it, and they are clearly biased. I’d like to hear what other surgeons say. I wonder about what really happens during erection, if the silicone sleeve deforms it and changes erection function. The developers also say 5% of guys develop scars at the incision site, 3% suffer incision infections, and for various reasons, 3% have the thing removed. So you’re looking at around a 1 in 12 chance of something less than wonderful happening after you pay enough money to buy a small car. Personally, I wouldn’t be in a rush to have this done, even if I could afford it.

    The question is why? Why have it done? If the issue is your own self-esteem, okay, maybe it might help. But if you think that turning a pencil into a burrito is going to drive women wild, think again. The best studies show that men are much more concerned about size than women are. Only one woman in 8 has any complaints about her man’s size, and some of them think their man’s is too LARGE. Many women feel intimidated by huge erections and don’t want them inserted into any erotic opening for fear of pain.

    Many men believe that a huge one is more likely to bring women to orgasm. NO! Women’s orgasm trigger is NOT the vagina, but rather the clitoris, the little nub that sits outside the vagina an inch or so above it tucked under the top junction of the vaginal lips. Most women enjoy the special closeness of intercourse, but to come, they need not vaginal stretching, but gentle, extended, direct clitoral massage or licking/sucking. So as far as women’s sexual satisfaction is concerned, what hangs between your legs—whatever its size—is much less important than how you use your hands and especially your lips and tongue. If you’re with a woman who has trouble with orgasm, before you shell out for Penuma, I urge you to read my two low-cost articles: New Insights into the Clitoris, and Why So Many Women Have Trouble with Orgasm.

    I wouldn’t rush into Penuma. But if you have it done, please get back to me with your reactions. I’m very interested.

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