Young man ignoring woman in bed

Can a man perform sexually and reach orgasm if he is not sexually attracted to his partner?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    That depends on how horny you are for sex, and how you feel about your partner. If you’re not feeling at all lusty and your partner disgusts you, it might be difficult or impossible to spend intimate time together and work up to orgasm. But if you’re feeling randy and your partner doesn’t attract you—but also doesn’t repel you—then you very well might be able to enjoy sex and have an orgasm. If you’re fatigued or sleepy or ill or preoccupied with issues in your life, those factors may well interfere with sex and orgasm. But if you’re drunk, intoxication might propel you into sex with someone you don’t find particularly attractive. Perhaps you’re familiar with this old saying: At bars, the later it gets, the better everyone looks. So it depends. My advice: Know yourself. You’re under no obligation to have sex with anyone, especially those you don’t find attractive. But if you go for it and things don’t go all that well, it’s no reflection on you or your sexuality, just the result of doing it when you’d rather not.

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