Affirmative Consent Doesn’t Prevent Rape, But Enhances Sex

If women indeed have the capability to achieve orgasms, then how come the vast majority is downright uninterested in sex? I am sorry if this sounds cranky, but I cannot believe that 100% of the problem lies in their inability to obtain fulfillment of whatever excruciating list of requirements for getting women even to “think about it”. After living 51 years and experiencing 24 different women, I am ready to conclude that honest, mutual satisfaction lies beyond common men’s reach. For the record, I am married to an otherwise adorable lady, find women amazing and only wish I could share my sexuality with them, rather than bearing the rather destructive feeling that my libido is a burden and that they’re doing me a favour, to help me out of my misery. I am not kidding when I say that I envy gay men’s desire reciprocity! Only I am not gay…


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