Just a few days ago, after another man came inside my wife, she got very turned on by the thought of me cleaning her up. Can you please explain why this is such a turn-on for her? I am trying to understand her. Thank you so much


  • Michael Castleman says:

    The short answer is: I don’t know. Everyone is sexually unique. That’s just who she is.

    The longer answer is that many men/women/couples involved in MFM threesome play enjoy having one man clean up the woman after the other comes inside her. This is a big theme in cuckold stories and porn. It’s a turn-on because it’s usually new and different. Novelty is arousing. It’s also naughty and unconventional. Forbidden fruit is arousing. And it’s very intimate, as in self-revealing, for her to make the request and for you to honor it.

    Of course, you’re under no obligation to clean her up if you don’t want to. No one should feel obligated or pressured to be sexual in ways they don’t like. But if you have no strenuous objections, it sounds like this would be a special gift your wife would really appreciate.

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